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Well, maybe I'll keep this journal for a bit more. I felt like writing and I'm too lazy to create another blog. Holy shit, this got long.

Mostly health stuff.
Gut: My Crohn's is in remission but I have inflammation in my large intestine too. Once we figured that out and changed medications, I feel so much better. I've had maybe three really bad episodes in the last few months. Looking bad to see what I posted about I noticed that I hadn't ever posted that I had an allergic reaction to Humira. I gave myself my injection and within seconds, my throat felt funny. I called my mom into the room and told her to watch me for anything strange and I thought I was having a reaction. I took my pulse, which was normal. Mom said I was turning red. We waited for a little bit to see if I was going to start having breathing issues, which I did not. I took an antihistamine and called my doctor. He immediately took me off it.

Hands: For the last six months or so, my hands have been HORRIBLE. Blisters that break and the fluid causes dry, cracking skin, itching and red. Like, tomato red. Also, the cracks are DEEP. And the skin has caught on things and pulled off huge hunks. I've been wearing gloves to different reasons. One, so I can kinda protect myself from infection or touching anything that'll hurt. But also vanity. I've seen some looks at my uncovered hands. I joke that I have leprosy with my family but truth be told, my hands are hideous and it's not fun.

My family doctor tried to treat it but the ointment wasn't helping and burned like fucking acid but to be fair, water felt like acid too. I finally got to see a dermatologist on Monday. I have two forms of eczema on different body areas. One is just "eczema." But my hands are Dyshidrotic eczema, which is more severe and aggressive. If you look that up, be warned, some of the photos are pretty gnarly. The dermatologist gave me new cream. Holy shit. My right hand looks nearly normal and my left, which is usually the worst even looks a little better. Some of the bright red discoloration might be permanent but I've actually ventured out of my house without gloves! It's a large improvement within so short a time.

The unexplained dizziness/muscle weakness: I guess I never posted anything about this. In September, I had an...episode where I felt like I was going to pass out and my muscles were severely weakened. I couldn't hold myself on my feet. This triggered a panic attack. So, I'm about to pass out and I can't breath. I had to call 911. On the way to the hospital, I DID pass out. Dunno how long. Diagnosed as "viral syndrome" which basically means they don't know and I might have a viral infection. Go to family doctor and find out my white cell count is pretty high. Meds, etc. Start feeling somewhat better but about two weeks later, it happens again but with the added feeling of numbness/cold in my arms and legs. Go back to family doctor. Go for a EMG, which is a test where they pretty much taser your muscles to see if they respond and then they stick needles into your muscles to see the electrical impulses. I was fine on both counts. No myopathy or neuropathy, so woooo!

It's now December. Family doctor refers me to a neurologist who can't see me until February (I see him Monday). I've had very few "fainting" episodes, but the cold/numb feeling in my legs has never left. It's constant. I don't feel cold to the touch, it's internal. Also, I have had a number of times where my muscles just give out. No severe accidents, I usually catch myself. Worst of it has been dropping groceries, soaking my aunt's kitchen in coffee and on very graceful face-plant that I am very glad no one saw.

I am very happy that one by one, I am able to tick off my illnesses as manageable. Hoping it continues.

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Unfortunately, I think it's time to let go of LJ. As an experiment, I removed it from my bookmarks to see if I'd miss it....I didn't. I had some urges to write about shit more personal than I'd put on Facebook but the health stuff I have a tumblr for, and to be honest THAT doesn't get much activity from me either. If you guys know a platform that's more active or if you have a tumblr, send me a message. Other than that, I think I'm retiring this LJ.

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I'm on an antibiotic that I've never been on before and last night it made me so nauseous. I figured okay, I've been taking it for two days and this is the first time I've felt this ill so maybe it was what I ate that didn't agree with it.

But then, I took it this morning and omg, it's terrible. I called my brother and asked him for some advice. I have to take this antibiotic on an empty stomach and he said maybe try it 2 hours after I eat instead of 2 hours before. Then, I hung up and immediately vomited. :(

I had to call my dentist and reschedule getting my stitches out. I just really didn't want to vomit on the poor guy. The receptionist was super nice about it as soon as I named the antibiotic, she was sympathetic and rescheduled me.


One week from today I will be sterilized! I got the call telling me when my surgery was.

I'm excited and happy while my mom's like, "Ugh, not happy but I'll drive."

wow, this may happen

I went to my consultation for my tubal today. The doctor asked me if I was 200% sure I wanted to do this. I said yes. She told me that the surgery is covered by Family Planning Medicaid but reversing it isn't and there's a 30 day waiting period specifically to make me think about it. She said she had no issue doing the surgery for me at my age but to think during the waiting period and be absolutely sure. I go back in three weeks for an ultrasound and I assume to schedule the surgery itself.


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Game of Thrones

My thoughts as I watch:

1. Good god, Sam is adorable.
2. Even though they didn’t do this with Bran in the books, I like Bran showing a bit of leadership.
3. “I’m Jon Snow and I’m scared of naked girls.” I snorted.
4. I love show Ygrette. I bet she would wear Jon’s cock around her neck.
5. Isn’t anyone annoyed that Thoros and The Red Lady keep speaking Valerian in front of them?
6. ” Eyes you’ll shut forever.” Such a great line for Arya.
7. Poor, poor Theon. And such a good Ramsey.
8. Omg. Getting so close to the Red Wedding!!!!
9. How I love Jaime and Brienne.
10. Adore that there’s so much more Lady Olenna.
11. Love the banter between Tyrion and Cersei.
12. Politics with The Spider and Littlefinger never gets old. Holy shit, did that fucking happen?
13. Beautiful ending.

Thunderkiss 65

So, I deleted a bunch of my Guild Wars 2 characters. I kept my main, Honeyspider and Aisling Galakiir and made a hunter...and that's it. Here's four screenshots. Collapse )
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The Sleeper has awakened

...Charlie just sent me another email.
Good Morning Niki,

When I first copied this link, I found that I didn't copy the whole thing. I hope that I didn't miss some of the characters on the other links I sent to you.

Anyway, I saw this rabbit TV commercial on TV, and thought I'd look into it a bit. I was wondering if you've ever checked it out, to see if it might be some sort of scam with hidden fees or other tricks, or if it might be a way of seeing the TV programs you like, without having to deal with high cable fees and satellite dropouts during bad weather? It doesn't seem like you watch a whole lot of TV, so I thought you may have missed this ad.

For $10.00 a year, it seems like there has to be some other gimmick to the subscription. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Of course I did notice that there are the additional charges for the second Rabbit TV USB plug in and for pay-per-view movies. But it might be worth looking deeper into it, unless you already have.

The Sony TV in the living room has a PC input. It's probably a VGA input, but perhaps it's a USB. So once you have the laptop back from being reloaded with Windows 7 and the DVD drive replaced, with a long VGA cable and 1/8" stereo to dual RCA male audio patch cable, along with the Rabbit TV USB plug in, your mom could watch whatever she likes once she learns how to manipulate the equipment. That's of course assuming that the Rabbit TV thing isn't a scam.

Charlie he trying to TEST me or something? Because I didn't respond to the other email and his childish poking about lack of sources? I did write back with some info and GAVE FUCKING SOURCES...only reason I did that was because at least this subject isn't likely to piss me off as much as the health-care one. He could always throw a curve-ball into it, like claim THE MAN doesn't want me to watch TV for ten dollars. I did mention torrenting...if ever there was a way to fuck THE MAN in this regard, I would assume illegal downloading would be it...